Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IBComm Appreciation Night: The Last Farewell?

On 30th of April, IBComm Appreciation Night (IAN) was successfully held at Restaurant Shabu Shabu, Manjung.

Shabu Shabu is one of the popular places among UTP-ian to go for makan-makan. From the name, you can identify that they serves meal in hot pot/steamboat style. The best thing was, its buffet - you pay and can eat as much as you want. (but still got to pay for the waste of food if you cannot finish it. T_T)

We got to eat various meals ranging from seafood, fried food e.g fried mee, barbecue and the mouth-watering desserts! Yummy ice-cream~

Each member received a very cute button with "I LOVE YEC" on it.

The theme was blacK&Red. It was a very "sempoi punya~" appreciation night thus you can see that we did not wear some formal dresses. Pakai T-shirt dan jeans sahaja~ And, we got to wear our new club T-shirt. It was just arrived. See more pictures!

Other than makan-makan, we got some performance from talented members in IBComm. Since all of us were very full, then can you guess how the performance goes? XP

We played some games too.

The first game was played in Shabu Shabu. Each person needs to find a match to the picture on the paper pasted under their chair. The first three couples reported to the MCs get rewarded. Just some small-cute-prize lah~

Then, we got the HICOMs for 2009-2010 session to give speech and advices to the future HICOMs and remaining committees; since some of them is going to undergo their internship and yes, leaving YEC. T_T

Bye bye y'all~ Good luck and take care during your internship!

Next, we went to the beach at Lumut. The games continued. We played "Kotak Beracun" - the popular game in IBComm. Haha. Just, this time, those who are going to leave for internship need to at least take one paper from the box and get punished. Some got lovey dovey suap makanan ke mulut. Some got to be gay-ish. Some got to do siput-siput. etc.

It was a busy week indeed that we had to end it quite early.

A big thank to both IAN committees and IBComm members for making it happened!

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