Thursday, March 4, 2010

IBComm Orientation Day : The Day We Knew All

October 2009, it was the best family day ever! We had our homestay-like family day from morning until night. Although some of us were unable to attend but the objective was achieved; to strengthen the bonding among us.

We departed from UTP by car early morning. The place was not that far from UTP. The location was at the housing area at Taman Maju. Plus, the rent was quite cheap.

The session started with fun, energetic and funny way of aerobic plus dancing activity lead by Sofiy, future successful choreographer may be?

Then, small groups with 4 to 5 members were formed to start ‘The Battle of Teka-teki’. Each group need to create a riddle and 'attack' the others group. Wrong answer? You will be punished by needing to make funny sound such as moo-ing like a cow. There were groups been punished to act like Transformer character. And yeah, they did it very well indeed. Should watch the recorded video!

Next, we played "Ping Pong Piang". The name is unique right? The concept is similar to "Pisang Goreng" wherein there are "bombing" among groups and those groups which did not reply, replied late, etc will lose. The best part was the punishment, of course. It seems that everyone like to punish people. Whoever loses will be "victim of art". See pictures! They guys became pretty right?

During afternoon, more games followed.

Firstly, we played "Saranghae Saranghae" influenced by Family Outing. Then, we combined "Kotak Beracun" and "Truth or Dare". The pillow was been passed around while the music played. As the music stop, those who hold the pillow will be punished. Punishment? The person need to do or answer the order or question written on the papers inside the box. What happened? Ssshh. Just let the members who attend know about it. Hehe.

We had our Aidilfitri Dinner on the night wherein we got to wear our "baju raya". We were served with delicious delicacies ordered from Mak Su. It was "Nur Kasih season". Hence, most of us gathered at the living room and enjoyed watching Nur Kasih. Hey, seriously, the meal cooked by Mak Su was awesome!

Next, a short acoustic performance from some talented members. They can really sing! Beautiful-ly! And, the day was complete. :D


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